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To you, our friend, the "casual man" , who is not, shall we say, enamored with the idea of formal dress; who understands the value of comfort and sensibility at home and abroad; who takes T-shirts to trousers, walking shoes to wingtips—and who does so with confidence and grace. To you, who has been tasked begrudgingly by family or friends with the selection of a winning tuxedo rental — and one skillfully crafted and expertly tailored. To you, we say:

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Let us help.

And to our friend, the "buttoned-up gentleman", you beacon of style and tasteful extravagance. To you, who uses "power lunch" as a verb in all tenses; who has considered the "pocket square conundrum" and answered it acceptably; who practically salivates at our fine selection of tuxedos in traditional and modern design, culled from the minds of the most brilliant American and European designers. To you, we say:

Welcome home.

Whatever your feelings on formal wear, and whatever your personal style, when you simply must look your best for that one special day, Formalwear Ltd. has the selection and the expertise to tailor your formal wear experience to you and you alone.

With 30 years of experience, and our unique partnership with Fitting Party, the free, at-home tuxedo fitting service, we can guarantee that Formalwear Ltd. is unlike any other tuxedo rental store you’ve ever seen.

Whether you dread it or delight in it, Formalwear Ltd. is here to help you dress up right.

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