Our Story

Our Story

Come into Formalwear Ltd.'s Waltham tuxedo shop, and you're likely to meet Jim. In fact, you'll probably be fitted by Jim, and he'll likely help you choose a tux, too. You'll notice right away what a nice guy he is.

But Jim's not a clerk at Formalwear Ltd. Technically, Jim's not even an employee. Jim is, in fact, the owner of Formalwear Ltd., and has been for over 30 years. Still, you'll see Jim out on the floor here just about every day of the week; tape measure in hand, surveying the various styles of tuxes, shoes, and accessories that we keep in constant stock.

Because, as Jim would gladly tell you, he didn't open Formalwear Ltd. to kick back and let someone else do all of the fitting, styling, and tailoring. Quite the opposite: Jim opened the tuxedo shop because he loves doing those things. Likewise, he's continued doing them every day for 30 years. As you might expect, he's gotten quite good at it, too.

Unlike other areas of fashion, which move in bold, sweeping trends, formal wear styles change slowly over time in the most minute and subtlest of ways. It takes a keen eye to keep up. And it takes experience. After 30 years, Jim has both.

See what Jim's style and expertise can do for you when you rent a tux from us. Or, if you're the type who's heavy on commitment, check out our tuxes for sale.

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