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Certainly, there was a time when you rented a tuxedo - your high school prom, for example. Your college roommate’s wedding, too. And that other wedding, where you didn’t really know the bride or the groom terribly well, and weren’t quite certain why you were invited. Renting was fine then.

You rented when you worked that first real job, right out of school. When you worked through the night to stay ahead, and ate Chinese takeout straight from the carton-yes, you rented, then.

You rented when special occasions were still occasional. When your friends were "single and loving it," (remember, you were, too) and when black tie was still optional.

When you were paying your dues, you rented. But now you’ve paid your dues.

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Formalwear Ltd makes it easy to buy a tuxedo at an affordable price. We have top luxury fabrics and exclusive designer tuxedo styles in stock and ready to ship today.

How to Buy a Tuxedo

What to look for: You can never go wrong with the basic black tuxedo; in many cases, it's the only acceptable form. There are several styles of button patterns and lapels; the most common are the most simple: single-breasted with one button and double-breasted with two buttons. Some designers offer up to four buttons as the latest in style on both single-and double-breasted suits. Pants should have a silk strip down the side and be uncuffed at the bottom. Some of the most elegant tuxedos are not black at all, but midnight blue, which actually looks blacker than black at night. Black tuxedos will sometimes look a sickly green tint under some indoor lights. Formalwear Ltd also has a colorful tuxedo selection to choose from, making it easy to buy a tuxedo to use at all of your upcoming special occasions.

For accessories, there are many variations: shirts, vests, cumberbunds, bowties, and shoes -- it's best to choose the tuxedo first, and then ask the advice of the tuxedo store owner.

Whether you dread it or delight in it, Formalwear Ltd. is here to help you dress up right.

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