She's been planning this since she first learned what a wedding was. Maybe longer.

Even if you just proposed, she already knows exactly what she's wearing. Perhaps she hasn't found the dress yet, but it's there, in her mind. And she will find it.

She knows who's going to do her makeup. She knows who's going to do her hair, and she knows how they're going to do it. She knows the chance of rainfall and the expected barometric pressure and the precise geographic coordinates of each point of the procession.

Put simply, she knows well how she's going to look, and it's going to be quite amazing.

If you're going to keep up, you're going to need some help. And, of course, you must keep up.

But we're here to help. We've got 30 years' worth of experience helping grooms and groomsmen live up to the immense standards set by stunning brides. And we've got the selection to match just about any dress, theme, or color scheme you and the bride-to-be can come up with.

The task is yours indeed, good friend—but don't be afraid to ask us for help finding the perfect wedding tuxedo rental in Boston.

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