Getting a custom tailored suit makes wearing a tux better

Getting your suits tailored is an easy way to make yourself feel more comfortable in tuxedos for a prom, a wedding, or any other special occasion. Once you’ve come around to the idea of wearing a tux in the first place and you’ve found the perfect one, it may need to be altered. Having a custom tailored suit is critical when you’re wearing a tux, making a preemptive tuxedo fitting the answer to any sizing problems.

While attempting a tuxedo fitting yourself, or with your wife’s help, may seem appealing because it can save you money, a professional tuxedo fitting is really the way to go. Professionals know how to measure a suit to make sure you’re wearing a tux as opposed to a tux wearing you. Knowing how to measure a suit is incredibly important when you’re getting a custom tailored suit because no two people are the same size. Here are a few general tips to follow when getting a professional tuxedo fitting

Make an appointment for a tuxedo fitting

You can’t just show up and expect to get a tuxedo fitting on the spot. The best tailors will generally require you to book your tuxedo fitting at least two weeks in advance of your event to make sure it’s done in time. Whether it’s tuxedos for prom or for a wedding, you want to make sure you get the best custom tailored suit possible and that requires the tailor to have enough time.

Allot enough time for a tuxedo fitting

Having suits tailored requires very precise measurements. While professionals know how to measure a suit, you don’t want your appointment to be rushed, because if something is even an inch off, your suit will be fitted wrong. You want pictures to remember your special events by and tuxedos for prom or weddings will look off in the pictures if it they are fitted wrong. Your special lady will never forgive you for looking sloppy in the pictures.

After your suit’s tailored, try it on

After having your suits tailored, it’s important to try on the finished product because a tuxedo fitting is only the first step. Alterations are a solid way to make yourself feel more comfortable wearing a tux, but you need to make sure that the alterations were done properly.

There are a few factors that are important for a tuxedo fitting. Height, weight, waist size, hip size, out seam, chest, over-arm, neck, sleeve, and coat in-sleeve all can be measured and adjusted when you have your suits tailored. If one part is fitted and the other part is not, then your tuxedo won’t look as polished. One final tip for a successful tuxedo fitting is to make sure you wear the shoes use when wearing a tux. Shoe height is important if the out seam has to be adjusted.

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