What’s the difference between a tuxedo and suit?

When you hear tuxedo and suit, they seem like they would be the same thing: pieces of men’s formal wear that are a necessary evil of attending a formal event. People hear tuxedo and suit and they can’t quite figure out the difference between the two. You’ll be surprised that while a tuxedo and suit are styled differently, there are fewer differences between the two than you may assume.  After all, finding a suit can be hard enough without having to decipher between a tux and an actual suit.

Wearing a tuxedo is generally done for a more formal occasion and when you rent or buy a tuxedo, it is generally more tailored and is worn with a bow tie, as well as a vest and cummerbunds. This version of men’s formal wear is very traditional in cut and style. Finding a suit is much easier because you don’t need all the extras that come with it. It can be cheaper to rent or buy a suit as opposed to a tuxedo, and it comes in more cuts and colors.

Whether you’re wearing a tux or you’re finding a suit, you need to find something that fits and you have to decide whether you want to rent or buy. Depending your needs, the tuxedo and suit decision may be easy.

Ultimately, for men’s formal wear, you need to have the right fit and style for the occasion. The formality level of different events can vary. For example, you don’t want to go to someone else’s prom wearing a tux that’s a ton fancier than what the actual people the dance is for are wearing. Finding a suit that’s classic and stylish without being over the top will suffice for you. In your own wedding, you’ll probably want to be wearing a tux. It all depends on the event. For both tuxedo and suit, you can’t go wrong with a classic style.

you want to make sure it fits right. The fit will make all the difference for a tuxedo and suit. Whether you’re finding a suit or wearing a tux, you want to make sure that it fits. Something that’s too big or too small won’t look polished or suave, two things you definitely want to be when wearing a tux or a suit.

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