You’ve never done things quite like your classmates. Rather, they’ve never done things quite like you. So when your prom rolls around, it will, of course, be no exception.

While the other “guys” in your class will probably grab an off-the-rack tux from some big chain store—a very “guy” way of approaching this particular task—you’ve got bigger plans than that.

The prom itself, to you, is but a single soiree in a long line of formal events to come. The limo ride; a “practice run” for your post-collegiate years. And that tux, well, you plan on getting used to wearing one of those. Likewise, you already understand the value of sharp design and expert tailoring. And that’s kind of our thing.

So when prom night arrives, you’ll stroll in and there’ll be a room full of “guys”, “boys”, or “dudes” (whichever you choose to call them) who rented their chain-store tuxes the way that guys, boys, and dudes rent chain-store tuxes.

And for you, the whole thing will be cake.

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