Should you buy or rent a suit for special events?

When you are going to prom, to a wedding, or to other special events, deciding whether to rent a tux or buy a tux is a big conundrum. When you buy a tux, it’s probably going to end up being one of the most expensive pieces you’ll add to your closet. Deciding whether to spend the money or not can weigh on you. When you’re going to be wearing a tux, there are a few questions that you can ask yourself to determine whether you should buy or rent. Whether you buy or rent a suit can make a big difference to your wallet.

If you buy a tux, will you use it again?

If you’re going to buy a tux, think about the occasions you’ll have to wear it in the next 10-12 years. If you think you’ll be wearing a tux at least three times in the next decade or so, it’s a good idea to buy a tux instead of renting. When you’re deciding whether to buy or rent, think about the worth of each wear is important because wearing a tux to three or more special events will be more of a justification.

Do you think your size will change significantly after wearing a tux once?

If you think your size is going to change in that same 10-12 year time frame, it’s a good idea to rent a tux. If you buy a tux, you’ll have to alter it when your size changes, making the whole cost skyrocket.

After wearing a tux once, will you take care of it?

If you buy a tux and you will take care of it, you’ll be able to wear it more often. Wearing a tux more than once can be fairly common and if you’re the type who doesn’t take care of your clothes, it’ll be better for you to rent a tux. When you rent a tux, you can just return it. If you buy a tux, you have to make sure you get it dry cleaned and ironed after you wear it so it’s ready to go again. The care issue is a big deciding factor for some when they’re deciding whether to buy or rent.

Is it multi-purpose?

This is really one of the biggest questions to help you decide whether you want to buy or rent. If you’re going to buy a tux, you should make sure it’s a neutral color, like black, in a simple cut. Wearing a suit that’s powder blue may seem cool at the moment, but you’ll regret it when you have to wear it again and it doesn’t match.

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