Black-Tie Events

Look at you, Mr. “Black-Tie Affair.” You’ve done it. You’ve landed the fancy job where you wear those fancy suits and such, and now you’ve been invited to one of their fancy company functions with the fancy little hors d’oeuvres and fancy drinks in even fancier glasses.

Of course, you’ll need a tux to measure up.

And for that, there’s us. We take care to always keep a wide selection in stock of the newest and finest styles of men’s formal wear—so when you’re ready to suit up, we’re ready to help. Plus, we’ve got 30 years’ worth of experience getting gentlemen like yourself ready for those key black-tie affairs.

And after 30 years, we’ve learned quite a bit about formal wear that we’d just love to share with you—like how to pick a style that brings out your inner sweet-talking socialite. Or how spot-on, razor-sharp tailoring looks on a moonlit patio with a martini in your hand.

We think you’ll agree; it looks rather good.

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